Stop Slipping In The Bathroom!

We all have to make use of the bathroom several times a day. With the often smooth and hard surfaces, it comes as no surprise that accidents are a common occurrence here. When they happen, they can often be dangerous not just because of the hard impact, but also isolation. If you happen to fall and injure yourself behind the closed door to the bathroom, it may take a while for others to know and come to your aid. For seniors the situation can be worse as a fall here can easily lead to broken bones. Here are some simple ways to make the bathroom a safe environment for all.

  1. Non-Slip Surfaces

Hard and smooth surfaces in the bathroom are preferred as it makes it easier to contain water and clean up. it can however make the surface easy to slip on whether you are walking barefoot or with slippers. A good way to mitigate the risk of slippage lies in breaking up the surface texture by introducing non-slip areas. 

You can do this in various ways like adding bathroom rug sets in high traffic areas like the path leading to the toilet, sink and shower or bath. They should be made of highly absorbent materials that can safely capture any moderate leakage of water. They also tend to be warm, allowing you to keep your feet cosy. You are more likely to slip if your feet remain on the cold tile and lose sensitivity. You can get them in a variety of colours, materials and shapes that will fit comfortably into your bathroom setup. 

Bathtubs and showers also tend to have a slippery surface. Adding a bath mat will provide a non-skid surface that is kept stable by a suction cup design underneath. They allow you to comfortably move around in the shower and even balance on one leg more safely should you need to. Be sure to wash your bath mat thoroughly and regularly to avoid the build-up of bacteria and mould. 

  1. Cleanliness

It is not just water on tile that can be a hazard. Soap is frequently used in the bathroom and its residue will often find its way onto different surfaces, including where you might walk or stand. Particularly in the shower or bathtub areas. Soap scum will easily build up with time if you do not regularly clean these areas. 

It can also cause other dirt to become embedded on the surface. With more dirt, there can also be damage to the structure of the bathtub and shower. Especially when you have to use deep cleaning methods more often. You can better prolong the life of your bathroom fixtures by regularly cleaning your bathroom to avoid this build-up. A clean and dry bathroom is also safer for use. Keep the room organised by stashing away what is not frequently used in cabinets and having a clothes hamper where you can place dirty clothes, rather than leaving them all over. 

  1. Grab Bars

Having some kind of railing installed around the shower and toilet is advisable where you have seniors and others that may be struggling with mobility. They become less able to keep their balance in a wet environment with smooth floors. More so when they need to apply more effort towards lifting themselves up. You can get such fixtures in a variety of designs, colors and materials that will let them better fit into whatever aesthetic. Be sure to have them professionally installed so they can bear under the force and weight of the user.